Gift Comparison Chart

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  • Support today
  • Receive charitable income-tax deduction
Deduct 100% of the gift value for federal income-tax purposes
  • Support without depleting your cash reserves
  • Avoid capital-gain tax
Provide support to while decreasing the out-of-pocket cost to you by avoiding capital-gain tax
  • Make a significant future gift without affecting your current lifestyle
Reduce estate and death taxes, and retain control over your assets during your lifetime
  • Leave assets to and your heirs upon your death but you are not sure what to leave to whom
Avoid estate tax on retirement-plan assets while making other property available to pass to your heirs
  • Make a significant gift to
  • Retain an income for yourself
Receive a variable income stream and an immediate income-tax deduction
  • Make a significant gift to
  • Retain an income for yourself
Receive a fixed-income stream and an immediate income-tax deduction and avoid capital-gain tax
  • Use your assets to support today
  • Retain control over the distribution of those assets to heirs
Freeze value of assets contributed for gift- and estate-tax purposes and avoid estate tax on future appreciation


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Photo of Walter Peterson

When you notify NHPR of your gift intentions, you are automatically a part of our Walter Peterson Legacy Society honoring the late governor. NHPR’s Legacy Society carries on the values he represented, supporting public radio in New Hampshire for the next generation of listeners and journalists.